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Extra census bulletin

Published 1891

CONTENTS (cont.) 20-22. Statistics of farms, homes, and mortgages; 20. Mortgages in Nebraska; 21. Ownership and debt in Maine; 22. Mortgages in Missouri. -- 23. Agriculture; Irrigation. -- 24. Railway mileage of the world in 1890. -- 25-64. Statistics of farms, homes, and mortgages: 25-27. Ownership and debt in the District of Columbia, Iowa, and New Jersey; 28. State and railroad land sales on credit; 29. Mortgages in Massachusetts; 30-34. Ownership and debt in Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Georgia, Tennessee; 35-38, 40. Mortgages in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Main, Vermont; and Indian; 39, 41-44. Ownership and depbt in South Carolina, Connecticut, Rhodes Island, Vermont and New Hampshire; 45-48. Mortgages in New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin; 49, 52. Ownership and debt in Wisconsin and Minnesota; 50-51, 53-55, 58. Mortgages in Minnesota, Arkansas, Colorado, New York, Florida and Georgia; 56-57, 59-62. Ownership and debt in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming and New Mexico; 63. Ownership and debt; summary for 22 state and territories; 64. Mortgages; Summary for 33 state and territories

CONTENTS (cont.) 65. Finances of municipalities having 4,000 or more population: 1890. -- 66-67. Statistics of manufactures: 66. The 165 cities having a population of 20,000 and over; 67. Totals for the United States. -- 68. Statistics of farms, homes and mortgages; Ownership and debt in Virginia. -- 69. Statistics of conjugal condition; Number of single, married, widowed, and divorced persons in the United States. -- 70. Receipts and expenditures of the national, state and local governments. -- 71-96, 98. Statistics of farms, homes and mortgages: 71. Mortgages; summary for the United States; 72-96. Ownership and debt in Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Kansas, Alabama, South Dakota, Michigan, Illinois, California, Texas, Washington, North Dakota, Mississippi, Oregon, Indiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, West Virginia, Florida; 98. Ownership and debt; Summary for the United States. -- 97. Statistics of foreign parentage; Number of persons having one or both parents foreign born: 1870 to 1890. -- 99. Statistics of occupations; Number of persons 10 years of age and over engaged in gainful occupations

I. Increase and decrease of population: 1880-1890. -- 2. Distribution of population according to density: 1890. -- 3. Statistics of farms, homes, and mortgages; Alabama and Iowa. -- 4. Mines and mining; mineral waters. -- 5. Statistics of manufactures; Lumber mills and saw mills and timber products. -- 6-9. Insurance business in the United States; Alabama-Tennessee. -- 10. Coal product of the United States. -- II. Summary of statistics of education. -- 12. Statistics of farms, homes, and mortgages; Illinois. -- 13. Agriculture; Tobacco. -- 14-16. Statistics of farms, homes and mortgages: 14. Kansas; 15. Tennessee; 16. Additional results for Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Tennessee. -- 17. Insurance business in the United States; Texas-Wyoming. -- 18. Statistics of farms, homes and mortgages; Ownership and debt in Kansas and Ohio. -- 19. Dwellings and families in 1890

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